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About Us

Ugly_Baby_MakersThe idea for this website was the brainchild of Dave McInnis, the founder of PR Web. Dave brought the idea to a special course at the Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas. Five students of the academy spent three days taking the idea, building a website, convincing experts to be part of the project, and launching the site.

On September 1, 2011 the site went live with much fanfare. Of the original five-person team, three are carrying the flag forward. Matt Lenhard, Rich Carr, and Brian Schmitt are at the helm zig zagging their way to creating a thriving community.

The goal is to help marketers and small-business owners craft a relevant and actionable message for their audience. This is accomplished by providing feedback on their marketing from a variety of experts, quickly and at a ridiculously cheap cost. Instead of hiring just one consultant, we allow you to get feedback from a variety of experts.

An on-demand marketing consultant for a lean startup, radio station, mom-and-pop shop, or anyone else that needs to test their marketing.

Proceeds of every dollar earned will flow back to the Wizard Academy, a non-traditional, non-profit business school.

Recent News:

4/18/12 - Test My Message became Test My Marketing.

11/22/11 - Website Testing added Test My Message to their listing of tools.

11/17/11 - Test My Message was recently featured on the home page of for winning the Most Innovative award in the Startup Nation Home-Based 100 competition. You can see their profile here.

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